SDS - Guardian

Indoor Active Shooter Detection

Revolutionize your security and evacuation response protocols during an active shooter event with SDS Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection Solution’s immediate shot detection and vital information dissemination technologies.


Indoor Active Shooter Detection

Worlds Finest Gunshot Detection

Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System incorporates the world’s finest acoustic gunshot identification software and combines it with infrared camera gunfire flash detection to produce the most capable indoor gunshot detection system available today. The system’s dual modality provides the highest rate of detection while bringing the number of potential false alerts to zero.


Life-Saving Potential

Cutting First Responders Time

Instant notification to both first responders and building occupants is a key to minimizing the damage inflicted by active shooters.

"With Shooter Detection Systems’ Guardian, our officers know exactly where the shooter is."

Joseph Solomon, Methuen Police Chief

"A system like [SDS] could lead to fewer injuries and perhaps save lives."

James Alan Fox, Northeastern University

"It’s a game changer and it’s going to save lives."

Ed Davis, Fmr. Boston Police Commisioner

Get A Demo Now

Let ISO Network demonstrate how this technology can save precious minutes and potential lives in an Active Shooter situation.

If your School, Agency, Corporate Headquarters or Enterprise would like, our staff is available to come and demonstrate to you  Shooter Detection Systems – Guardian Sensors and Gateway and how Police and your personnel can receive instant notification of an active shooter and their whereabouts.

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